Poems by
Subramanian K S

Silicon hub

a poem by Subramanian K S

Silicon hub, the new Alladin’s
lamp, spreads its munificence;
Investments flow; every Collectorate
hearkens to gift away land for a
buzzing islet in the backyard;
Cosmopolitan ambience breathing
into every town; nudging away
its squalor, rural touche; The halo
of jeans sneers at dhoties, elitist
English pecks at indigenous flavour;
Land price mocks the sky, the
enterprising have a finger in the pie.

Roads crumble as gleaming cars zoom;
the hub needs power, its growth has
its own power; on the sidewalk,
villagers gape through dust-laden eyes;
A new world is shaping up; jobs
beckon, only one has to replant in an
alien soil; barriers come down; yet
as the avalanche goes past, the old
clutch to their sack of traditional
beliefs; the young swept on its course.

A new mantra at the tip of the decade;
under the surface the divide widens,
tectonic plates loosening
mass of earth.

Hate lurks behind masked gunmen;
Like the green woods, the hub
flourishes in the bay of its mantra