Poems by
Subramanian K S

Anger on faultline

a poem by Subramanian K S

The wall of sea water roars
down in unsatiated appetite,
mashing all on the way;
Anger on the faultline
brooks no favours.

Many affrighted cries were
swept away; convulsive sobs
of the living choked in the
entrails of hopelessness;
Relief may or may not reach
them; where to retrieve the
roots from disemboweled sand?
Or to relive the agony of
renewal, the irreplaceable
loss of the dear ones?

On the trail of the mutilated
coastline the debris reveals
dessicated memories; The
orphaned stare at the bleached
skyline; smelling the stench
eagles circle high, darkly
eyeing the emaciated dogs;
vandals reap of windfall
out of sightless death.

Hearts open up in a tide of
compassion for the disconsolate;
Today’s danger could return
in the morrow.

The joy of living expires in
the unforeseen tunnel of death;
And the despair of loss
amputating the mind.