Poems by
Subir Chowdhury

In search of light

a poem by Subir Chowdhury

My feet are full of mud
But I’ll not clean them,
I’ll wait for rain to drop on me
And wash all my dirt, mud and sin.

I’ll not take any shelter
To protect me from rain,
The shelter is too weak
To protect me from cyclone.

I’ve lot to learn
So I can see in the night,
Oh God! give me inner eye
To walk in the darkness
And see when I loose eyesight.

My parents took me to temple
When I was just born,
Now I find people visit temples
With newly wed couple
Or new vehicles for
Smooth journey in life or on roads.

Oh God! I have washed my feet
and come to you,
Make me happy and be
with me in sorrow or joy.