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a poem by Sreerekha

I walked down the road,
Knowing not where it lead,
I didn’t know what I had lost,
I didn’t know what I wanted,
Maybe it was peace,
Maybe it was love or even my life.

As wandered through the trees,
In search of I don’t know what,
I stopped and looked around,
All I saw was darkness.
I closed my eyes and sat down,
The soft grass and the warm moss,
Imparted a strange kind of solace,
Which I had not known for ages.

I could smell the wild lilies,
I could hear the river,
Lapping on the mossy shores.
I lay down on the grass,
Soaking up the warmth it promised,
And lost all sense of time.

Suddenly there was a change in scenario.
The birds were chirping in search of worms,
The bunnies were hopping about with their playmates,
The bees were buzzing around the unsuspecting flowers.
The sky changed into hues of red, yellow and gold,
Outlining the evergreen mountains.
Never have my eyes feasted on such extravagance,
Never have I felt such tranquility.

The gentle breeze rustled the sleepy leaves,
The dewy buds peeked at the rising sun,
The wind whisked away the white fluffy clouds,
While the sky slowly turned a dreamy blue.
I looked at the sky,
Wishing that I could fly.

The wild lilies and the rose hedges,
Sprayed it’s intoxicating fragrance,
Which enveloped me like a canopy.
The meandering brooks,
Tripped over the rounded pebbles,
It’s sound resembling the cooing of a new-born baby.
All this beauty instilled a kind of hope,
Which shed away all the pain.
The tall trees seemed to touch the sky,
Which was now gloriously lit up by the sun.
Nature is so perfectly enchanting,
Offering all the warmth and love I need.
A love, so pure, so abundant,
Yet so free of obligations.

Nature has a healing touch,
Which we have never realised,
And we go about lamenting the death of hope.
We are all slaves of this system,
Which offers nothing but stress, pain and sorrow.
But I am now free, I am liberated,
I have been touched,
By the soft nurturing love of nature.