Poems by
Soumalya Kumar De

Believe me or not

a poem by Soumalya Kumar De

Cerulean firmament transmute its colours as you leave behind
The valley of death, where no solitary quintessence has the guts to move on,
As the yearning to be in this world, retains in every heart of this earthly paradise,
But I pursue the charm that your footprints left behind to adore and respect
The human feelings that I started deferential due to fierce potential to challenge,
The bloodcurdling powers to salvage the lost pride of your nation.

The trajectory followed on the trot impediment before a mammoth sea-greenish fortress,
Came in front of me; where the sound of deathly vultures screaming,
Flying desperately to snatch the news of uninvited guest’s influx in the land of deadness.
The rear-ender clouds fabricate a tempestuous weather to safeguard his guardian king,
From disclosure of the unearthed secrets that retains their powers in malevolent world.

In-front of the world stage; the door opened with a snoring sound zzz!
The black patched wall in the colossal room; the center-table consists the lost treasure,
Of King of Solomon, guarded by weird faces gargoyle, hungry for the red-hot human blood;
The glimpse of this atrocious vista dislodge my soul with its actual posture,
But my princess walks through this narrow gap between life and death to meet Ethers ten,
The sole God of the supernatural powers in this world.

Waiting outside in the dome shaped hall, the one-eyed skeleton with exposed skull,
Limping with a handful of choppers and knives, progressed slowly towards me
To prepare his delightful dinner for the great occasion of wedding of my princess,
With that tumultuous looking guy, their beloved boss of this numbness palace.

I will never let it to be happen until my last breath,
Straight forwardly, I moved towards that hidden door to unveil the unearthed secrets,
To make him powerless and to destruct this entire world of ghostly surrounding
And save my princess of heart from that deadly creature; later we settled,
In the valley of Alps, high above in the northern region in the sparkling diamond studded
Palace with ruby and sapphire reflection in the hues that flows in the native land to make,
Our world as beautiful as you can imagine in your dreams,
Believe me or not, it will come to reality in your life
Just let your hands in mine, let rest to me,
Trust and love will bond together and gift us, the cherish able life
That we dreamt about in our childhood moment in time.