Poems by
Sooraj R

India – A Scheduled Country

a poem by Sooraj R

My friend and I in the same school studied
Though we were of a different creed
For knowledge I had more greed
But for money he by an inch had more need.

Under the same tutors brought up we were
Burdens and troubles, the same had we to bear
In childhood everywhere given equal care
But to fight authorities we never did dare.

India got freedom on that fateful August day
But I hate it worst if my emotions I could say
Not ’cause of the hurdles that I would pass very gay
But due to the laws that our Government did lay.

In the eyes of the Government all were more or less same
But this as time passed came to be only in name
A few castes were declared Scheduled in the ruler’s game
Thus the ministers climbed down the stairs of fame.

Now my friend was listed in the so-called Scheduled caste
Their rights outnumbered the others’, that too very fast
But I belonging to the upper caste came at the very last
And all this because of the happenings in the forgotten past.

Then there were Sudras, by History now we know
And they were treated as very low
But that does not mean. It doesn’t! No
That the high class today are to be treated so.

Thus the same gap is widened by
Today’s Government between the low and the high
Instead of bidding it Good-bye
And saying it was a bad lie.

India’s twenty-five states I had only heard
But now I have scanned them like a roaming bird
Anyone would think that I am absurd
But I get no job for they are filled by the SC herd.

In India for work there is no hope
For the higher castes, of living no scope
So now in foreign for job I must grope
As I must cling on to life’s hanging rope.

The name, Scheduled country is India’s gain
For most of the real brains are gone thro’ the drain
The cure for Casteism and other evils should rain
And India should come up like U.K., Japan and Spain.