Poems by
Smita Rajmohan

My alien friend

a poem by Smita Rajmohan

There was a pause, and then a very soft knock,
a moment’s pause, and then the clicking of the lock.
The door opened, and there it stood,
A tall creature, its face covered with a hood.

Forward it glided,
ever so gently.
Panic stricken, I froze
physically and mentally.

And then the creature,
very, very slowly,
revealed his head,
sad and lonely.

I am an alien,
without a friend.
So, to me, will you please
friendship lend?

An alien for a friend?
What fun! What fun!
For his needs to tend,
I broke into a run.

I got him a cola,
and a hamburger too.
Soon made him comfy
for I had friends few.

He offered me chocolates,
from outer space.
We played galaxy games
and had an orbit race.

He brought me milk,
from the milky way
and much better than the earth’s
it was, (if I may say).

He quickly helped me finish the homework
“This is too easy.”, he said with a smirk

Later, when it was time for him to go
“I’ll come back”, he said “you’re a good friend, I know.”

“Messages to you,
From my planet I shall send.”
And saying so,
departed my alien friend.