Poems by
Smita Rajmohan

Dental Torture

a poem by Smita Rajmohan

Entered the room
The dreaded Dr. Myers
With his eccentric smile
And his painful pliers

I sat in the dentist’s stool
With much hesitation
Reminding myself to be cool
Throughout the operation.

He asked me to open my mouth wide
saying it wouldn’t hurt a bit
I was so nervous I almost cried
And was close to having a fit.

When he looked at my tooth
his face lit up with glee
I’ve never took out such a big one
It’ll be a new experience for me.

It’ll be easy
Just be still
But I knew he was
more concerned about his bill.

He then put his pliers
into me
‘That tooth will be out soon
you just wait and see’

Ouch! I cried
But he did not listen
‘Leave me’; I implored
‘After completing my mission.’

When the task was done
He threw my tooth into the bin
The least concerned
about my punctured skin.

He then presented me
With his horrible bill
I looked at it and cried
‘Come on be reasonable’

To this he simply gave a grin
Which down my back sent a dreadful chill
I tried again ‘It’s too expensive’
He threw out his hand and said ‘Just give.’