Poems by
Smita Khadawala

Winter Night is…

a poem by Smita Khadawala

Dew drops on glasses,
Foggy dreamy roads,
You and I hand in hand,
Cold winds slap across, across
The warmy hold…
Clatter go the coffee mugs,
Against the crackling of the bonfire,
Silent is the air, silent are the creatures,
Against the silence speaks the heart,
A million words per minute.
Buddies round the fire, chatting and giggling around,
Hugging and snuggling while going home,
The warmth comes from the heart.
A cozy couch, some hot chocolate,
And a romantic book in the hand,
Snow falling on my red nose, making me look so fair,
Heaven would be if soft music strains in the chilly air.
Hot chocolate sauce on my ice-cream cone,
Lots of warmth in my heart,
Sleeping for hours under the blanket,
Till winter and me depart…