Poems by
Smita Khadawala

Life – a sweet bitter dream

a poem by Smita Khadawala

I lost my dreams to an unknown world,
I lost my song which I sang all along,
A little butterfly perched on my arm,
Gave me wings to fly,
I had travelled just a mile,
I saw a little glow-worm,
It gave me light to shine,
The sky didn’t seem a match for that sparkle,
So I left the wings there
And went ahead,
I saw a little rainbow,
It gave me colours to display,
One golden shine didn’t match those endless rays of colours,
So I dropped the light there,
And went ahead,
I met a little storm and it gave me the power to destroy anything in the world,
Power definitely overpowered those useless colours,
So I left the colours and went ahead,
I met a mighty river,
It said it could fight the storm,
I took it’s fighting spirit and left storm’s power there and went ahead,
I met a man,
He said he could control the river and anything else in the world,
I was amazed…
I took his success and went ahead,
But I realized that having everything isn’t a boon after all,
Having found everything, I realized that I had lost myself,
Being complete had actually made me so incomplete,
I turned back again to the trail where I had left the most precious things of my life,
The colours, the wings, the power, the light,
the fighting spirit,
were actually the key to my happiness,
Enlightened, I walked again towards my happiness and I am still walking.