Poems by
Sivamoorthy Shanmugam

At war with heart

a poem by Sivamoorthy Shanmugam

Love struck my heart says
I need her! I crave her!
Conscience wakes up to ask
Is she in love?

She calls me not but my dreams
I wake up in solitaire
Thoughts still linger
With thoughts am not in love, but her!

Let go of her, let go of her
To see her recoil, truth to confer
But a point of no return
She has a point, no return

How long the wait to wait?
My heart is fast gaining on me
The more the wait the more it pains
I can’t wait long, my ash get lost

If our love is true, it verge us then
Is our love our love,
Or our love my love?
For my love, my love
Sunders unto death and after!