Poems by
Sivamoorthy Shanmugam

Remember the time

a poem by Sivamoorthy Shanmugam

Set my path on a journey alone
Along she was but was she along?
Is she the one my heart it asks
An answer I know when she departs

She smiles at me she wakes at me
She cries at me she sleeps at me
Never she stops talking to me
Never she breaks her silence to me

A puzzle she was for me to solve
Did I or did she in thoughts dissolve
Words are all she left for me
For those are ones that hear me cry

Little was I when love struck me
Neither did I reckon it to be
Lost in time where I was
Failed to count the stars there was

There she was with a smile at me
Was it smile or was it a mile?
I dream of her to make her dreams
But there she was is where she is