Poems by
Sindhu Sharma

My Golden Sea

a poem by Sindhu Sharma

Sometimes I wonder as I raise my hands in despair
To forget the past is just unfair

How I wish to lie again under that fir tree
Waiting for my beloved and his coterie

Lost is the canopy of love above my head
Coming so far in search of my bread

I am now leading a path where devils fear to tread
Where the ghostly revelations of the night bled
I must not overstep my vanity
But to love thee was not insanity

Lying all bottled up my emotions are pent
Lusting for that gaze so intent

That love was a bane warned the forlorn swain
Tears in eyes I looked at him with lofty disdain

My storm was rising with the tide
There was no one as my love or guide

Now the tempest has reached its glory
My steely resolves lie in a cowrie
I could feel the snatches in his voice
His despair blowing bitterly against my face

I bade him goodbye with a long last kiss
I chose to forgive but something was always amiss

Through the windows of my age I now see
Despite the wrinkles this is my golden sea