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a poem by Simrin

When I first saw you,
   I was scared to look at you.

When I looked at you,
   I was scared to talk to you.

When I talk to you,
   I was scared to be your friend.

When I became your friend,
   I was scared to like you.

When I started to like you,
   I was scared to love you.

And finally I fell in love with you…

When I finished writing this poem
I was scared to loose you,
And I lost you too.

While we were apart,
I prayed to god to give me my love back.

God did listened to me,
I have you back in my life again…

You are there for me but still,
I feel alone now.

Now I am not sure if this poem will have an end or not…
I guess end of this poem will be end of my life!!!