Poems by
Simran Oberoi

A Smile

a poem by Simran Oberoi

When the world seems to lose its meaning,
Or life seems so heavy, that you need a leaning,
When the darkness of despair seems to engulf your hope,
Or the disappointments are so many that you just can’t cope.
Something helps you to conquer mile after mile
A gift, an impetus, it is a smile.

When the bird’s song sounds hollow,
Or life seems like an endless desert with no roads to follow,
A little thing that encourages you once in a while,
A cool drop of water, it is a smile.

When the candle seems to have lost its glow,
Or the tide of your good fortune is really low.
There is a force to fight everything vile,
A virtue, a benediction, it is a smile.

When the tree of dreams seems to bear no fruit,
If you feel you do not belong, you have no root,
A flower suddenly arises, in your life’s aisle,
When someone gives you a genuine smile.

When the dreary world seems lonelier than before,
Or your worth is not appreciated, you deserve more,
Suddenly the absence of a friend ceases to hurt,
As you remember a friend’s smile, a jewel in this world’s dirt.

When the night seems darker than the previous one,
Or the shadows of the past pursue you as you run,
A light from heaven, brightens up your life,
A smile comes like a storm destroying every strife.

When the drops of rain, become glistening tears,
Or you become a coward, a slave to your fears.
It is an oyster that turns the tear into a precious pearl,
It is a smile that helps your courage to unfurl.

A gesture perhaps more effective than a touch,
No word is uttered, yet it says so much.
It can give a life, a hope, a dream, a soul,
A smile can make you feel complete and whole.

Many a battle can be won with a winning smile,
It can change an existence into a life, in just a little while.