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The Railway Carriage

a poem by Shweta

Today I kept remembering,
the first time I saw you.
Those dancing eyes,
the half-smile on your lips
and the urgency of your voice.
Nor once did you cast your eyes upon me;
me, who sat just across you.
Looking at you
and just you.
A book in my hands,
half reclining on the berth,
pretending to read,
forcing back the tears.
Yes, I was crying,
for I was going away from my home,
leaving back the safe cocoon,
venturing into an unknown world.
And yet,
your sight brought a joy to the heart.
I forgot the tears
And a happiness lit up my world.
Oh! how I wanted those moments to be eternal.
But alas! that was not to be so.
The time took its course,
And so did you.
I couldn’t stop the time,
I couldn’t hold you.
You went away,
leaving back your memories.
The memories I hold dear to me,
Close to my heart.
The memories the keep reminding me of the time
When I first saw you.