Poems by
Shubha Garimella


a poem by Shubha Garimella

She wakes up at an unearthly hour
The moon has not yet vanished
And in the dark sky there’s still
A twinkling star.

There’s washing and scrubbing
Cooking and cleaning.
The rest are still sleeping,
She can hear them snoring.

She helps the kids get ready,
Carries their bags so heavy,
Walks them to school each day,
Watches over them as they play.

Memsab wants her tea piping hot,
Saab will beckon her with a loud shout,
His shirt needs mending,
His shoes need polishing.

There are chores to be done,
No time for frolic and fun.
She hasn’t eaten a morsel all day,
She hasn’t noticed the day slip away.

On the cold hard floor
She lays down her weary body
I hear her soft snore
She breaks my heart this child of mine,
She’s so little; she’s all of nine.