Poems by
Shraddha Mathur

Love : Search and Believe

a poem by Shraddha Mathur

Love is a search
a quest for your soulmate,
love is an encounter
that changes your fate.

Love is a bud
that is ready to blossom,
love is luck
hard-luck for some.

But if love is a search
then it cannot end,
so you can go on loving
more than you intend.

Love is like magic
simple and pure,
contentment and joy
life is yours.

It’s better to have loved and lost
a feeling that is the best,
reciprocate love that you get
since it is the best best.

When your love isn’t reciprocated
don’t stop loving,
love is in sacrifice
love is in believing.

If your feelings are true
you don’t need to regret,
because one day in life
true love you will get!