Poems by
Shraddha Mathur

Diamonds are Forever

a poem by Shraddha Mathur

He tried to woo her
but in vain,
Sent flowers, chocolates;
but one day of rain
he presented her with a diamond ring
and, well! it was his game.

They married in
the big, white church
Bride with diamonds studded on
walked on the aisle
on a diamond crutch!

The baby boy brought love to them
grew up into a handsome man,
with his first pay, he bought
a diamond ring, for his love!

So u see the custom goes
to woo a lady u have to
present her with a diamond thing
a bracelet, necklace or a ring.

Why is this so successful a trick
“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!”
She can use them through her thick and thin
because diamonds are a forever thing!

A princess she looks when she wears
the beautiful hearts in her ears
she knows that she is looking good
the confidence in diamonds melts her fears!!