Poems by
Shraddha Arjun

I dream

a poem by Shraddha Arjun

What do I desire?

Do I want to look into your eyes and admire,
Your charming smile, that beam which can light up my morbid life;
Your eyes, with immeasurable depth,
Depth of love and hope;
Your speech that sets me speechless and bliss I had longed for.

What do I admire?

Should I look at you cos I love you,
Or should I gaze at your actions cos I can’t help it?
Maybe I should look into your eyes and capture,
even the faintest sign of love in them for me

What should I do?

I am running short of time,
I cannot see you slipping away, in subtle slow manner,
I can’t take it, I want you to stay longer;
How long? I do not know
Do I tell you all this I do not;

What do I do?

But you are out of my reach,
Maybe you need someone and that’s not me!
But I do not know you see!

Like the price of honour
only from a distance can I admire
And wish that you were here
And wish my wishes you’d hear
Jus pay an ear;

What can I say?

And with the hope you’d come one day
That day I await
So you can say, something I would like to hear;
Remotely possible in reality,
Its only to hear that something some way,
I dream.