Oneside Love

a poem by Vanlalfaka

Intruding at my friend’s house,
I found a beautiful girl,
Holding the lovely door,
And giving me the way to in.
Sitting pretty on the chair,
Everything was so silent.
She stood like an angel,
With begging eyes for help.
I asked her where the others,
Gone away was the answer.
Puzzling with the reply,
I stood up for a while,
Nothing was so nice,
To be alone with strange lass,
I quicken my pace,
And walked out of the street.
Reaching at my warmly home,
Nothing comforted my aching soul,
The beauty of her everything,
Flashed like lightning in my eyes.
The tall slim body of hers,
Dwelled in my heart,
And nothing could stop me,
Reaching to her house.
Pushing open the wooden door,
The presence of the girl was no more.
I asked my friend,
‘Where was the girl,
Who looked like a twinkling star’.
She has gone away,
Was my friend only reply,
I asked him the reason,
He stared at me and said,
‘Your Missie is traveller’.
I ran out to chase her,
But my friend stopped me,
Coz’ the place she lived was unknown,
And I alone missed her.