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Wild Orchids

a poem by Shobha

The woods beckoned me
so I went beyond the interior of
the sleepy village
far from the city
moving at hectic speed.

An unparallel sight held me
rooted to the spot
a tree laden with orchids
violet and mauve
sparkling with life
dancing with the wind
proud- as if aware of their beauty
and its effect on me.

I devoured their beauty
but not satisfied
I bent forward
and broke a twig
and with it the flower bunch
to bring back with me
the happy memories of
the place I left reluctantly.

Wrapped softly in a cloth
I hoped to see
the flowers fresh
but alas-
nothing but dismay I faced for
unused to the roughness on way
the orchids looked a sight
as if heart-broken
torn from their bearer
never to be united
they died a death
with unfulfilled dreams.

So to atone for my roughness
and for love of the orchids
I have pressed them smoothly
into the folds of a book
and laid them to rest
for eternity
in their new abode.