Poems by
Shernaz Wadia


a poem by Shernaz Wadia

Life is an adventurous journey,
Across the river of time;
The river flows on to meet the sea
The endless sea of Eternity.

Joy is a bubbling boon,
For a while its rainbow splendour
Enriches, then vanishes soon,
And grief pours like rain in monsoon.

Hope is the shimmering sun,
From behind dark clouds it shines,
Bringing promises of springtime fun,
Laughter, pleasure, all interwoven and spun.

Faith is the moon, silvery white,
It burns still when the sun is not,
Softly lighting the dark, dark night,
Gently gleaming with hope’s borrowed light.

Prayer is the breeze, soothing, soft,
Dear help mate of the sun and moon.
Steadily raising Hope and Faith aloft,
Calming the spirit with despair fraught.