Poems by
Shekher Mudgal


a poem by Shekher Mudgal

I am a poet you can say,
I imagine across nations,
For relating something, I would say,
I need a pen, paper and expressions,

A dark haired pretty beauty, if I write,
You may immediately imagine a princess,
But to mention somebody special, I like,
I will have to sit for hours in excess,

Eyes like those of a deer, if I write,
I may have to still mention her face,
And if I say she is slim and pretty,
You may ask about colour and race!

My thoughts and those of yours,
May certainly at some point clash,
And that’s where my success counts,
When you visualize her in a flash,

The girl in my thoughts, I will still not disclose,
I may end up in danger,
But look out! She might be around you,
Look for my pen, he is a messenger!