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a poem by Shamsha

A single person is she
And relations so many
A load of responsibilities
She takes as her duty
In this world of competition
Success is her choice
A women is a mother
She loves her child
A women is a daughter
Caring all time
A women is a wife
Supportive and kind
A woman is after all a precious life.
Lost in the forlorn land
Fragile her life was
And as the sun dispelled the clouds
All dispelled her
Ill bread and illicit people were
Ignorant of her rights
Unnerved she would be
Unruly people
Burnt a widow alive
And a woman died.
Vagary traditions
Like chords around her
Though fumble at times
All may not be sylph
She yet keeps hopes
Till her last moment arrives
She is a backbone of many lives.
In dark and bright phases of life
She welcomes the future with a smile.
A women is a Human…
God made her with pride.