Poems by
Shailesh Thackeray

A Poem for the past

a poem by Shailesh Thackeray

Where can I find true love, my dear?
When modern age has this to say,
Sex in the name of real love,
Sadly lust is here to stay.

Where does one find romance, my dear?
Exchanged by flowers and cards,
Now is the time for hugs and kisses
And groping each other in the dark.

Where is that real beauty, my dear?
The one that fluttered my heart,
Now’s its just shades and lipstick
Not beauty but way apart.

Where are all those games, my dear?
Which as kids, we would love to play,
Hide and seek or catch the thief,
unlike the digital ones today.

Where are all those teachers, my dear?
For whom I am what I am today,
Who taught me with love and immense patience,
The three R’s and the words I can say.

Where are those childhood friends, my dear?
With whom I would play or fight
Climb on trees or play cricket
And fly kites with delight.

Where are those lovely rains, my dear?
Which we would greet with dancing joy
Get fully drenched and sail paper boats
Watching them race and enjoy.

Where are those lovely girls, my dear?
With whom I’d fallen in love,
Puppy love or call it what you like
It was love as far as I know.

Where are those college days, my dear?
That carefree life gone by,
When I’d bunk lectures and watch the girls
Or go see movies on the sly.

Give me back that past, my dear
Give me back those golden days,
The future may be bright and shining for me,
But its the past that’s best in many ways.