Poems by
Sebastian Paulk

The Web

a poem by Sebastian Paulk

Spring’s sun peeped thro’ clouds,
Flinging his charm in daedal designs.
As he aged, forced moon’s tears vanish,
Leaving arcane attorns on tender leaves.

Intoxicated by spring’s myrtle,
Suitors and lovers serenaded in cortege.
Renting the air in celebrations of love,
Trees rained flowers in acceptance.

Oblivious to seasons recline, old spider,
Remained trapped in his youthful dreams.
Designs once warmed many hearts,
Turned vapid bringing sneers.

Ruptures in his web gapped,
Mocking at the master weaver.
The mind once schemed to allure,
Victims and suitors alike, failed him.

The last gull wriggl’d snapping,
Every fibril of his dreams…
Death, final actor took the stage,
And lend glint to life!