All I could do…

a poem by Sathya N K

It was smooth going, with lot of frolic and fun,
Never fatigued of traveling with lot of friends around!
The day gives up finally dawdling and wanes
Thick sheets of darkness swathe all over the plains.

The tired pair of legs ‘n muscles pull the eyelids down,
And lo! The slumber approaches steadily but sound.
All of a sudden, I am awaken’d rudely by a screeching halt,
Unnerved with an un-expected jolt!

With distant sounds of heavy artillery in use,
Exchange of missiles between the two sides at loose.
Shelling at its high, all over the place,
As I ogle at the coach inspector’s face.

His baffled fascia utters it all, that we’re in dire,
‘The war is on’ and we’re caught in crossfire.
We cannot afford to move ahead or back
Instead wait and watch till peace returns on track.

Will we make it or not? No one knows!
It’s a frantic throbbing fidgety wait,
Making us totally disoriented and blank adding to our woes
Unable to concentrate unable to think anything straight!

I have now lost my sleep and even if I attempt to, I can’t,
The worst is to stay awake, as every second fear does haunt.
The noise is deafening and mind crammed with questions,
Will the war stop; will the train start moving blowing its horns?

Even if I try to be happy a twinge is present deep inside me
Reminding that we are not yet through but on flank.
First sounds of thunders within are heard steep,
Then deluge and sheets of rain cascade on cheeks!

At the end, some may disappear some may remain,
But surely yes, the sun will break finally however long it rains,
One has to make the courage and confidence blend
And remember that these tepid showers offer a new beginning to old end.

Caught in this an anonymous text,
Not knowing what is going to happen next?
Mind keeps asking again and again will I see another day,
While soul keeps telling all that you could do is sit and pray.