Poems by
Saurabh Gulati

I Love You

a poem by Saurabh Gulati

Those were the days,
when you were with me.
The days all gone,
but memories remain.

When I think of you,
water drips from my eyes.
But my feelings for you,
you can’t realize.

Whether day or night,
I dream of you.
Each of my word,
speaks only for you.

My feelings for you,
are though very true.
But how can I say,
the words are few.

When I try to tell,
my heart’s desire,
you look at me,
your eyes blow fire.

I wish one day,
you come my way
and I tell you what,
my heart wants to say.

But my this only wish,
will not be fulfilled.
as life is realistic,
and dreams get shattered.

Now I am lonely,
and I am depressed.
that’s what I’ve confessed.