Poems by
Satish G. V.

When dreams come true… All I want art ye…

a poem by Satish G. V.

Fate has mysterious ways,
Twists and turns, acts and plays.
A game is lost, another is won,
And there is no end to the fun.

What was in my deepest dreams,
Hidden deep in my realms,
Surfaced out this day,
And crossed my way.

And such a way to cross,
It was found and lost.
And found yet again;
So went the saga unslain…

When things are made for you,
Only for you;
Keep your eyes closed and wait,
And leave everything to fate.

Confused yet somewhere happy,
Worried yet triumphant;
Passing time joyfully,
Waiting for that instant…

Floating like a feather,
Helplessly in thin air,
No bond, no tether;
Now to tie me is unfair…

Heart is overflowing,
A million volcanoes erupting.
Lava of love flowing,
Emotion without bursting…