Poems by
Satish G. V.

Love is not all lost…

a poem by Satish G. V.

Unsung are they which surround,
Sagas millions are to-date;
With so much evil around,
Love is almost lost to-date.

And amidst this many a trauma,
Come along a lovely lady hopeful;
Like from a dead one, fresh magma,
My dreams to fulfil.

Like Florence with light in her hand,
To save love from vanishing,
She descended onto this dying land,
And saved us all from drowning.

First things first and she was hell,
I wanted her and not too!
Until He decided to cast a spell,
And I was caught like glue!

We were friends first,
Until love came creeping by;
It said it hadn’t any thirst,
For it was slow and felt shy.

Now that we know each other,
And in with Love Almighty;
Nothing to worry, no one to bother,
Although there is some thing slightly!

Then somewhere far and away,
Where the wind was quite loud,
And many a tree did sway,
There were many a dark cloud…

‘To hell with them man’,
Said she, ‘we shall dare it all’;
(over the months our love did span;
Come winter, summer or fall)
‘And if we(I) should part,
You be with mine, and I with thine heart…