Poems by
Sathyanarain M

Oh! My Love

a poem by Sathyanarain M

The days we sang songs together,
The time we shared dreams together,
The hours we dreamt future together;
The minutes we said a prayer further
The songs of the lovely sleet,
As I caressed your soft feet
The memories of yours, oh dear!

The streets we walked silently,
The hopes we foresaw hopefully,
The life we dwelt peacefully;
The moments we lived truly
The streets of the lonely night,
As the dragonfly went into flight
The memories of yours, oh dear!

The times I came to see you,
At times known and times unknown
The rose I gave you, the first rose
The first sight, the first love, the first kiss
Then I came I see you, my love!
At the avenue, at your home
Now, I come to see you, my love

As you sleep peacefully;
I drop a tear.
My first love, my first hope,
My last love, my lost hope;
So I say a little prayer
As you smile from over there:
As you decorate the skies,
The skies of darkness. But for me:
You the only light of hope, my love