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Grace me dear…

a poem by Sasidhar

This poem is to
my first love
who brought me where
I am now…

I was temporarily
in a college in
Hyderabad before I
joined IIT Madras

And the force behind
my success is a girl
in that college in Hyderabad
who doesn’t know me

Here it goes…

That fine day when we
both joined that
college… you caught my

Your smile caught
my thought… but
I had to contain
my feelings as I
was preparing for
IIT and I shouldn’t
get disturbed

Then again another
day your smile
gripped my heart
and I was on the verge
of committing myself
but then my aim came
in between

But the next time
I saw you…
I couldn’t restrain my
heart for you…

Your blissful smile
your innocent feelings
caught me completely…
I wanted to meet you… but how?

I was a stranger
for you… and I couldn’t
meet you just like that
as I fear losing you

I went back home
thinking of you
for a week like that…
keeping away my aim

Then on a midnight
an idea struck me
that if I get into

I could at least
talk to you…
and you would not
turn me out…

From that midnight
I got into my real
preparation only for
you… only for you…

My zeal of preparation
knew no bounds…
I sacrificed my
sleep for you…

Every step of mine
was for you…
you were the driving

Only to get into
IIT and get a
chance to talk to you

Then on that
great day, the exam day
I went into the
exam hall only with you
in my mind…

I did well…
and waited with dreams
of meeting you…
to tell me how much
I liked you

Then the results came
I did very well…
I came to the college
to meet you…

I saw you…
in your usual grace
I found scarce of
words to start with…

I waited to gather
words and courage
as I had never
spoken to a girl before

I was standing there
and you passed
by me… and I couldn’t
open my mouth…

I returned back home
with heart filled
with grief…
I want to meet you

I tried again but
in vain…
finally I had to leave
the college to go to IIT

Now I am in IIT
two years past…
still dreaming of you…
still dreaming of you…

But one thing
in these two years
every vacation I come
to that old college
of mine and that

Good college of yours
only to see you…
to thank you in my mind
for having me brought
here into IIT

I never missed any vacation
with out seeing you…
and I am sure I will never
miss as long as you are
in that college…

I will continue to
come there only to
see you…
two years having
passed since then…

I think I can never
express my feelings
to you…

But I will never
miss a chance to see
you and your blissful

Doesn’t matter how
much time passes away
I will never forget

You are my inspiration
and will always be so
my first love Aswini.