Poems by
Sarradha Ravindran

The Dreamland

a poem by Sarradha Ravindran

Rising up in the sky,
with two wings to fly,
I am going high and high.
Leaving below all sobs and sighs,
waving them a sweet good-bye.

Far from the land of pain
breaking every binding chain,
I reach the awaited domain,
where there is no stress or strain.

Entering the land of rest and peace
I smile, lying down with ease.
There is no work or hurry,
or traces of pain or fury,
with every moment in glory.

In comes a figure dressed in white,
wearing a robe so tight,
saying, “Welcome to the land of peace.”
That sounding to me a tease,
and it goes away like the gentle breeze.

I am having a time so good
with sound sleep and tasty food.
With nothing to do and no one to pest,
nor do I face life’s test
knowing only rest and rest.

That was a momentary joy,
like the play with a lovely toy.

It is not a lasting bliss,
now I know after a fuss.
For where is beauty, without duty,
and pleasure without pain?

How to feel the joy of success,
if I don’t know the stress?

I need not this false mirth
I want back my life at earth.

In comes the figure in white,
says with a teasing smile,
“You cannot go back now,
once here you come,
that is all”

“No, no I am going now,”
saying thus I jump down,
down,down,down And down:

I wake up with a loud scream,
happy to note it’s just a dream.