Dreamz Unlimited

a poem by Leleena Subhadarshini

I dream of a place that’s not thorny
like the deserts of Sahara
where I can be my self
without masks, false smiles
just pure the real me
breathing fresh air
that’s not poisonous.

I dream of a time
where everything seems stand still
not slipping out of my palms
that’s been close hard trying desperately
to get hold of glimpses of memories.

I dream of dreams that I’ve seen so far
fulfilling dreams of my loved ones
that craves a smile on their face
I want it to be there always.

I dream of a life that’s not worthless
I can say living for people in need
to wipe out their tears to brighten their faces
a little effort from my side
enlighten my soul.
I dream another world where
there will be no pollution
no virus, no drugs, no bullshit politics,
no hassles, no tears, no pains.

Suddenly I wake up with the flash that
comes across my windows the bright
morning sun promising to be there
always with red horizons assuring me
with the hope of all my dreams
will come true, will come real, one day at least!