Poems by
Saratha Subramaniam

Helping thyself

a poem by Saratha Subramaniam

As the saying goes God helps those who help themselves but sometimes this is not possible.
There are people who need help and guidance, and there are people around to help.
Do not feel that you cannot get help for help is available.
Sometimes people are wrapped in a world that their partners dictate and you are left in a dilemma.
Sometimes one has to take a brave step forward to seek help.
Do not think or feel that one is at failure if you seek help because no man is an island.
We all need the support of friends and professionals.
I hope you are not alone and worrying.
No one should be on their own trying to sort their problems.
Try and accept help when it is given, you are not seen as a weakling if you seek help,
God has created the human race
and at the same time he has given them the power to seek help from him or others who care.
I know if I need help I will go forth and look for it
and if given I will take it.
So do not be alone and there is nothing to be shame about to seek help.