Phoney Solidarity

a poem by Jayati

Frivolous pyromaniacs
Worthless hypocrites
Puerile television onset, incredible.
Only if they were ethically reliable;
S. Anderson, Greco-Roman world Hughes 1985
Awkwardly unread match no privileged madams;
Trustworthy, could have been, if neutral.
But cheeky chick chauvinist
Promulgate plight
Of the gracious
Belle oriental;
la femme charity; charlatan.
Long tongue pour puff
Pugnacious cough up;
puke solidarity stuff
Muck up.
Hoopla hooligan
Bimbo bellicose
Groovy, buddy pose
Sing song hocus-pocus.
Grouchy gopher
bellyache suffer.
Punch line
Quagmire backyard
Own store, conceal debauchery,
murder, rape, crime, treachery.
No pal, silly gal, rough words
Are not only her properties to
Hit at women of third world.

This much money to slander oriental culture per Television – Occident.
Why can’t they instead use the money to upgrade their own female denizen.