Poems by
Sanjeev Chhabra

Friends are born, not made

a poem by Sanjeev Chhabra

Friends are born not made
To share some moments with their mate.
They believe in the best of trust
But not with any type of lust.

People are there, who don’t understand it meaning
But I say, let them think, as they don’t have any feeling.
Friends must move, as they think fit
Leaving behind each odd bit by bit.

Friendship has its own definition written in invisible fonts
Nothing can stop it, as it can survive even in deep pond.
Friends select their own route to move on safari
And find no space for Thanks and even Sorry.

One thing I would like to say at this very moment
Don’t get depressed even in whirlpool of comments.
It is because that rule has been laid
And that is, Friends are born, not made.