Poems by
Sanjeev Chhabra

This and That

a poem by Sanjeev Chhabra

This and that make a bond
Bring distances close to an end.
Why not we humans, learn from it
And interpret the hidden lesson!

Father and mother make a relation
Bring a child to live on this planet.
Why not we children, learn from it
To obey and feel deep to respect!

Brother and sister make an emotion
Set the example of love and affection.
Why not we guys, learn from it
To provide it a further strong foundation!

Man and woman make an establishment
Conceive a story to survive on this earth.
Why not all of us, learn from it
To save this beauty from rust and death!

Life and nature make an environment
Offering a platform to all living things.
Why not the humanity, learns from it
To not to disturb the everlasting spring!