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For My Love

a poem by Sanchita

There’s no need to say this,
As it is quite evident.
You dominate my thoughts.
Your thoughts control my actions.

The dream that you see in my eyes,
Is the dream I’m weaving inside.
My subconscious mind half tuned half lost,
Waiting to get completely lost in you.

I see you walking with me in extensive, lush gardens.
I see you taking care of me when I’m worn out.
I see you lying beside me with only love in your eyes.
I see our love just filling us up with bliss and serenity.

When I look at you and your goodness I feel I’m fortunate.
There is so much more love that I have for you…
You are engraved in my heart, my senses, my whole system.
I love you and want to take care of you.

I will wait for the day when you can express your love to me
Without any inhibition or interruption, just you and me.
I know that day you will show the extreme end of passion to me.
I will just wait for the day that you and I unite…