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Message for a Friend

a poem by Sanchita

When I stand here in the crowd
I feel nothing but lonely inside
When I cry out in pain, aloud
Hard I try to keep the tears inside

I wonder why life has to be so complicated?
Why do I feel estranged from the people I love the most?
It is so painful to stay alienated,
Even when people around me have always been my host.

It is not so easy to find good friends,
Still I fail to keep them for long.
They say friendship has no ends,
I question if that is right or wrong.

Its not your fault my dear friend,
Its the way I am and the way my mind works.
The deserted feeling has no end,
Wont let you know where it lurks.

Wonder what was I born to give to the world?
Just a little more sadness than what we already have.
I wish you stay happy in your own homely world.
Will try not to spoil the peace that you barely have.