Poems by
Sai Prasad Ramnarayanan

She Smiled…

a poem by Sai Prasad Ramnarayanan

I watched as she smiled,
A voice swept the silence,
Her eyes so expressive,
A plethora of emotions,
Joy, happiness all that I wanted for her…

Why can’t this be permanent I asked,
It won’t go away, its inside me,
I looked on as she swayed to the sounds,
Her hair swaying with her amazing neck,
I sometimes wonder…

As I am deep into thought,
Another smile breaks out,
The tempo increases,
She is in her elements,
Will life give her happiness?

Her lips opened to reveal those perfect teeth,
Happy, happy song she says,
Uh oh! the song is nearing its end,
The smile disappears,
Its all attention,
Next song,
Turn the smile on darlings!!