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a poem by Rza

She’s like a single lily floating in the middle of a misty pond
I can see her but can’t reach her
I sing this lonely song
when I set eyes upon this creature they stick to her like electro-magnets on metal
this bewitching temptress allures me with her scent of a jasmine petal
I followed her footsteps to remain in her presence
her charm was spell like, her hypnotic web entangled my essence
its been said that
for every smile there’s a tear, for a laugh there’s a cry,
so I knew my feelings would end up distraught
I hate to admit,
but in love I was caught
that conclusion was I must not deny
she’s like a museum artifact
“look but don’t touch!”
Is she really worth that much?
She didn’t want me
and this sad truth will always haunt me.
My eyes may be dark,
but they burn so bright for her.
My heart is punished by tidal waves of passion when I see her
and is drowned to the depths of icy waters
where my happiness is frozen
I shall never love again!
This is my lesson
my melancholy will die
because so say the drugs of anti-depression.

All I can say is
bees have sweet honey in their mouth
and bitter stings in their tail.

The downside to love hurts more.