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a poem by Rza

The question is asked
within the following text
I’ll attempt to unmask
the meaning of the word we’ve heard so much
the truth undeterred
remains untouched.

From what I comprehend
an artificial dimension created by intelligent men
a network of influence
in its blinding plethora
furnishes insipid individuals
and blemishes they’re aura
and the short-sighted sheep are duped by the shepherd
and steered into cyberspace
by this effective method
so population control
has eventually succeeded
and cyberspace assures
that free thought is impeded.

Why are we intrigued with cyberspace so much?
Are we controlled like pawns and chess pieces?
To me we resemble flies around faeces
and we all know what faeces are worth
yet many are not free thinkers
within this embezzled earth.

The authorities
eliminate rebel minorities
and detach brotherhood
and separate sororities
even though they maintain
they’re views as humanitarian
the methods to seize the state
were explicitly totalitarian
the government
is the main instrument
in the hunt
to subdue population
and get them where they want (cyberspace).
They cannot be trusted
nor should you take notice of any words they have mustered
to me the Prime Minister
will always appear sinister
the Presidents
overshadowed by they’re decadence
show irrelevance
in this society
where the all mighty deity
is a refuge
for his creation
in a nation
where the people are connected with satanic manifestations
and this is called democracy
but is built on hypocrisy
where the population is taught mythology (cyberspace)
encouraged to commit polygamy
and indulge in bigamy
and at the end we do it
and the leaders enjoy it when the see us go through it
we’ve been raped verbally
because the words they have ejaculated
have impregnated our brain
with a foetus that will grow
to render us disdain.

So cyberspace
is there main plan
to rid the world of free thinking man
while the passionate ones remain the fools that they’ll be
cyberspace will chew their existence endlessly
whilst the free thinkers are sought
and are sliced from the throat
just because the threat they pose by the free thought they denote
due to this reality.
There is sorrow on my face
this is what I’ll tell you
since you asked about cyberspace.