Poems by
Ruthless Dreamer

Ocean Waves

a poem by Ruthless Dreamer

Rise like the ocean waves,
And discover yourself
Reach the peak once,
And see the world go round.

How scarce the ocean looks
From which you did descend;
How large you feel in front of them.
Ask someone who reached there once.

And he’ll tell you with a contended smile,
“Ah! Eternity is where there is fame.
Reach there once and read your name,
Which seemed so simple once;
But now ’tis the toughest to read.”

Then he will grieve a sigh, and say
“Why did I ever fall from there?”
The glory of fame if you’ve ever attained
Is a crucible of time.

The competition is much,
And the competitors too many, too own,
Only one wave will rise,
Engulfing the others line by line;
And falling among them into the wheel of time…