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I’m sorry

a poem by Rucha

For the moment I came into your life,
For the precious moments I wasted of your life,
For the moments I compelled you to think of me,
For the moments I never let you be free,
I’m sorry…

For the care I bestowed upon you,
For expecting the same from you,
For the nightmares my thoughts gave you,
For the embarrassment my friend gave you,
I’m sorry…

For thinking that I deserved you,
For praying everyday for you,
For the soul that still loves you,
For my heart that still beats for you,
I’m sorry…

For the misdeeds I have done,
For hurting your feelings for the sake of fun,
For expecting you to feel my pain in these lines,
And lastly,
For believing you will forgive me after reading these lines,
I’m sorry…
I’m really sorry…