Poems by
Rithu V Kumar

Eternal Journey

a poem by Rithu V Kumar

The carefree gypsy is a luscious warder;
In her nest of hopes, she rears rare roses.
There is an unseen halo round my foxy queen;
Pleasure quivers in the heart, where she is queen.
Unheard of, I incant of beauty’s greatest wealth;
With light of love she garners, she watches in stealth.
She tears the rein, she spills the grains ;
She brings the rains, but as a spook she reigns.
With relics of hearts she tried for fruition;
She loves, tortures torches where death is dead.
She reaches heights bereft of sorrow;
She preaches darts from dawn to morrow.
‘The Sun shines on a moving Star;
To greater modes of being,
To squander the root, to plant oblique descendence,
And to view with impugn- the race’.
As the constant strive of the waves to kiss the sky;
Latent moves take me far, but she is fair and high.
In this journey of scenic beauties where dreams dwell;
This beauteous sylph with her divine chastity is sweetheart.