Part of my soul

a poem by Blaze

I think of you
I think of your heart
And then I feel alone
An emptiness inside
Coz thought we are close
Could you ever be mine?
And then I rethink
That I wanna be
A part of your soul
So I wanna be
Your hope when there’s none
A prayer when you need one
Your strength when you fall
The first one you’ll call
When you are falling apart
I know it in my heart
That I wanna be
An image in your thoughts
An illusion of your dreams
A tear in your eyes
A tinkle of your smile
So even if you’re not with me
You’re always there
If not in person
Then in all that I do
And try as I might
I can’t let go
Of this feeling inside
Coz if I do so
I’ll lose the meaning of my life.