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Woman of Substance

a poem by Renuka

She stood tall and majestic
Her face an artist’s delight
Eyes rimmed with kohl,
Lips darkened with colour
The bindi dark and red filling her forehead

The ring on her nose bright and twinkling
Added seductiveness to her fair face
The hair black as night left loose
Swished about sensuously

When she walked, the curves moved
In heavenly delight
Her motion like waves on the sea shore
Her feet light and dancing like

She laughed and you could
Hear the pearls drop on
The floor making music

Her fingers long and delicate
Seemed to play with the
Strings in your heart

You wondered at her grace
Admired her beauty
Eyed her elegance
Wished you could
Capture her heart

But she was aloof
Her body language unreceptive
She never responded
She never pulled you
Into her circle
Wonder why?

I am not sure
Her lover might have died
He could have jilted her
These are excuses
Not befitting her
Leave her alone
She is the earth