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First Kiss!

a poem by Renu

Your First Kiss is so unforgettable-
No one I let to touch me this way,
Your passionate looks made my heart sway.
That charming look like never before,
I was melting right down to the floor!
With those mesmerising eyes staring into mine,
Your love for me looked so divine
Fainting into your arms, I surrendered myself;
While you cast on me a magic spell!
Those moments of unknown fears,
Each time you drew me near,
Holding me tight, I was almost breathless!
You gave me the gift of your love,
An everlasting pleasure-the first kiss in my life
Our passion unextinguishable
Though it is all over,
That first kiss will last forever!
Relishing each moment I must say,
My love for you is always here to stay!